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2014 Art Goals

My mantra this year is “Less thinking, more doing.” The image below is a work in progress. I got this plain 2014 planner at Target a few weeks back and I am in the process of drawing/doodling on it. I will post a picture of it when it is finished as well. A lot of […]

What I’m thankful for.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US, I’ve been considering what I’m thankful for as well. To be honest, I can’t pinpoint one particular thing. I am just generally thankful that God has been taking care of me this past year. It feels like the world is falling apart these days and I’ve been […]

More progress, and some thoughts

I was able to work some more on my pen and ink winter scene. I am working from left to right, for fear of dragging my hand through the ink, which would be disastrous. I was on vacation this past week, just staying home and doing mom and house things. It was a nice break […]

Winter House, work in progress

I have a few projects in progress right now: my handmade 2014 calendar for my cubicle at work, my daughter’s handmade birthday card, and this pen and ink (with watercolor) winter landscape. My progress doesn’t look like much, but I have put a lot of work into it already. It is rare for me to […]

Winter Orchard in progress

Here is a view of a pen and ink drawing I am working on at the moment, inspired by a scene I saw in Deerfield, MA after a snowstorm. I loved the layered look of the rows of dormant apple trees. I am planning on taking watercolor to it once I finish with the pen […]

Further work

My colored pencil painting is almost done and I am itching to get moving on the next one. I did more on the water, made some changes to clouds in the sky, and deepened the darks of the land mass.

Weather Blessings

The storm was such a blessing to me, as I was let off work early on Friday and got to spend more time with Cate and on my colored pencil work. We didn’t lose power at all, but we did have a small plumbing mishap (unrelated to the storm) which was a small damper on […]

Books I Read in 2012, part 2

Here I continue my two part series of the books I read this past year. If you know of any books that may interest me, please leave a comment. The Forgotten Waltz by Anne Enright. From the very start I was not taken up by this book, but I kept reading until the end hoping […]

#twitterartexhibit, expanding worldwide

David Sandum, who spearheaded the first two twitter art exhibits in his home city of Moss, Norway, has now expanded the concept by organizing different exhibits around the world to raise funds for various charitable causes. He was so kind to choose me to be one of the honorary ambassadors! I was thrilled to participate […]

20th Century American Drawings

When I was at the museum last week I also stopped by to see the exhibit of 20th Century American Drawings. There were a number of drawings in colored pencil, including one by Childe Hassam that I really liked. I was only vaguely familiar with this artist, but I think I am going to look […]