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Last day on the lake.

I’m a bit delayed in getting my photo(s) up this week, mostly due to this blog being on the back burner, at least for the moment. After frittering away the entire summer in my sketchbook and otherwise doing nothing, I’ve finally gotten started on some more serious “frame-able” pictures which I will post in progress […]

End of Summer Swans

The Swan Family returned for a visit the other day, except with only three young ones this time. They have grown so much in only three months! I tried to make some sketches yesterday evening but my results were so shaky that I will put in more practice until I post anything!

Mountain Study

Below is a study I made for a larger painting — an unknown mountain and its reflection. I am not using my own photograph, and the person who took it is deceased, so I may never know where it was.

Spider by the Water

Taking this photo was a highly stressful experience!

Stone Harbor

I skipped my normal Friday photo posting yesterday because I was at the Shore for a few days. It was a great trip for me as haven’t been outside of New England for a few years and this was Cate’s first time seeing/feeling the ocean. I did not do a lot of sketching while I […]

Sketches on my mind.

I have been making lots of sketches, although not all of them are worth showing anyone, and I am finding it easy to put off scanning and posting. I am still loving my new pens and my gray ink. I’ve started writing with my pens too, keeping written journals again. It’s a nice change. Reading […]

Swan Family

The swans were by our shoreline for over four hours, finding little bites to eat in our little cove. A family of seven!

Tree Reflections

I’m getting excited about getting out on the water!

Birthday Sunset

Here is my finished painting: I chose the title Birthday Sunset because this was the sunset on the evening that I was hosting Cate’s first birthday party this past November. I was drawn to the peachy pinks and the dramatic clouds above. Although I based it on my own photo reference, I altered the final […]

Weather Blessings

The storm was such a blessing to me, as I was let off work early on Friday and got to spend more time with Cate and on my colored pencil work. We didn’t lose power at all, but we did have a small plumbing mishap (unrelated to the storm) which was a small damper on […]