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More Blue Abstracts, and thinking of Values

I’ve been doing a little watercoloring recently, for Mini View #2, which I’m working on now. I’m going to be photocopying it in black and white, so I’m interested to see how the values will reproduce. I know that I could use some practice on the topic of values. Here are some quotes I found […]

Sunday Painting

This past Sunday I took out my watercolors and did a little painting. I know that florals are done so often, but painting flowers really makes me feel joyful and I really needed a break from thinking about recent news events. I painted this from a snapshot I took in Papou’s garden. They are New […]

One Year

I made this card for my daughter’s first birthday. I painted it in watercolor first, and then went over it with diluted Noodler’s Eternal Luxury Blue ink in my flex nib pen. I wrote a message inside the card and sealed it. I am planning on making one every year and then giving them to […]

Slow Day

Yesterday was a sick day–Cate and I both have colds and I was feeling so weak and run down. We spent the day holed up in the house, taking it easy. I kept the TV off all day and just played the radio for Cate. I did do a small amount of watercolor sketching, but […]

End of Summer

The CSA is almost over and now it’s getting colder. Every morning this week I have considered wearing a coat, but have decided against it. Soon, wearing a coat won’t be an option for me. Soon, I will also be turning on the heaters at night and digging out my down comforter. For three weeks […]

Mini Still Life

I had a lot of fun painting this impromptu still life in my small moleskine watercolor journal, inspired by a harvest of peppers we received from the CSA. It’s similar to this watercolor sketch, also of veggies from the CSA. It was exhilarating to paint quickly with no pencil sketch underneath–I need to do it […]

Blue Green Waters

Here is my latest painting in the blue/green color theme. This is the first time I have painted water as my main subject, and I have to say all the swirling reflections were a lot of fun to paint. I will definitely be painting this subject again in the future, and refining my technique.

Blue Green Leaves

A few weeks ago, I painted this abstract painting (thinking of leaves) on a blank watercolor card. I thought it was fitting to post, as I just showed you the blue and green abstract colored pencil drawing I made in my last post. I have also done another watercolor painting (more in my regular style) […]

New Water Cup

This was one of the cups from my grandparent’s house years ago and I recently found it in a pile of stuff to throw away. I used to love to drink orange juice out of it because it looked so nice against the blue stripes. Now I am going to use it for my watercolors. […]

I’m not partaking in Pinterest.

I had a Pinterest account, and pinned things to it here and there, but I was never a heavy user. I recently decided to delete my account altogether though, as well as add the no pin meta tag to my site and disable pinning on flickr. I have been seeing countless articles online about how […]