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A family friend saw my last sketch of the mini petunias and requested a similar style drawing of poppies for her husband. Not having any reference photos on hand, I used this photo I found online as a reference. Although I strive to use my own material whenever possible, advanced search in flickr is a […]

Mini Petunias

Last week I did some pen sketching on my front stoop. My goal was to sketch quickly with confident strokes and I think I succeeded. It was very hot and I was in direct sunlight, so I came inside after about fifteen minutes and colored the blossoms yellow.

Old, old watercolor

I’ve been scanning a box of photos so I can throw out the originals and declutter my space. Recently, I found this small seascape, painted in 1994. Back then, I usually copied from photos in magazines, but I made up this scene in my head. At the time, I remember being so proud of myself […]

Onto Other Things

About halfway through May I quit my drawing project, because I got bored with it and wanted to do my own thing. I realize now that I don’t like being “told” what to draw. Instead, I started a new watercolor floral painting. I’m still working on it, but I might not post it because I’m […]

Teapot on Trivet

With this drawing I was mainly testing out how graphite and watersoluble colored pencils look together. I think I like the combination because it has some bright color but also has the monotone of the graphite that I enjoy. I will try it out in some other drawings to see if I still want to work in it […]

The Drawing Bug

I spent most of today working on a tattoo design that I got as a commission (this is a detail). I did have a lot of fun and I thought it turned out well, especially for not having live lilies in front of me. I used a silk day lily as a model and I used […]

Lake Eden

I’ve been taking it easy for the past week or so because I’ve had a case of TMS crop up. After two years of being mostly pain free, it’s come up again, because I’ve been doing a poor job of handling my stress. This time it’s affecting my right elbow and every time I grip […]