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Circular Blue Abstract

This mini abstract sketch came about after I bought a large plexiglass triangle with a four inch circle cut into the middle of it. Useful for drawing right angles, circles and straight lines, it looks like something you might see in The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies. I bought it at The Guild during my […]

Blue Review

Painter Susan Abbott has recently revamped her website/blog and has started writing more detailed, instructional “Painting Notes” articles on Saturdays. I really appreciate her insight. I especially like this one — “Blue, Bluish, and Blueness.” Here, Susan gives a history of the evolution of blue pigment, and admits to blue as being her favorite color. […]

Mini View #2 Process Photos – blue watercolor abstracts

Here are some photos I took while working on Mini View #2. I painted on one big sheet of watercolor paper and then sliced it up to form the different images. It was fun to experiment with different compositions and I also got ideas for some abstract drawings that I would like to make in […]