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New Pen and Ink Supplies

A friend gave me a $40 giftcard at Michael’s for my birthday, and I found a 40% off entire purchase coupon, which allowed me to get a lot for my money. I got a set of four sepia Micron pens, a set of three black Copic pens, some colored pencils and a pad of pen […]

Stacked Wood

This winter seems more harsh than I remember in recent years. I like that in a way, because it makes me feel nostalgia for the winters when I was a girl and we got hit with tremendous Nor’easters just after moving back to New England.


A lamp and a small dish, some items that I rescued from Yiayia and Papou’s house, now on my bedside table. The penny is from 1895 and I keep it just because I like having something so old.

Stormy Day

I was so blessed that we didn’t suffer any damage or power outages from Sandy. She was not so kind to many other people however, including some of my family, so I am sad about that. Work was called off on Monday, giving me more time with Cate (which I am so thankful for). I […]

Slow Day

Yesterday was a sick day–Cate and I both have colds and I was feeling so weak and run down. We spent the day holed up in the house, taking it easy. I kept the TV off all day and just played the radio for Cate. I did do a small amount of watercolor sketching, but […]

End of Summer

The CSA is almost over and now it’s getting colder. Every morning this week I have considered wearing a coat, but have decided against it. Soon, wearing a coat won’t be an option for me. Soon, I will also be turning on the heaters at night and digging out my down comforter. For three weeks […]

Pepper Varieties

“right now” staying focused on the present, mindful and in the moment, an image from the week, with no words or a few words, that acknowledges the “right now.” Inspired by Ann.

Mini Still Life

I had a lot of fun painting this impromptu still life in my small moleskine watercolor journal, inspired by a harvest of peppers we received from the CSA. It’s similar to this watercolor sketch, also of veggies from the CSA. It was exhilarating to paint quickly with no pencil sketch underneath–I need to do it […]

Colored Pencil Exercises, Part 2

We worked on still life in my second colored pencil class. As a warmup, when people were still filtering in, the instructor gave us an object in a bag and we were to draw it only by feel (no peeking). I got a pulley and I didn’t recognize what it was, which I think made […]

Filling the Page

When I was younger I used to make many small drawings on one sketchbook/journal page. One day my art teacher was looking through my book and suggested that I make my drawings bigger, to “fill the page.” Ever since then I’ve been making larger drawings, and I’ve noticed that they have more impact. Even so, […]